An essential accessory for a spirit of prayer.

A Buddhist rosary — nenju in Japanese — is made of 108 beads,
one bead for each worldly desire.
It is said that the Buddha resides in each bead.
Yasuda Nenju has been making prayer beads continuously since 1683.

Our prayer beads are not only for Buddhist prayer.
They can be worn in your daily life to maintain a spirit of prayer,
reminding you to reflect, or as an amulet for subduing the ego.
That is why we created the 108-bead bracelet.

The number 108, turned sideways,
reads “一品” (hitoshina) in kanji, meaning “excellent item.”
Every 108-bead bracelet is crafted by a master Kyoto artisan.
Please wear this spirit-of-prayer accessory
at all times and value its meaning.